Phenomenal Industries - We Mean Business

Phenomenal Industries is global welding training and labor services company dedicated to consistently providing custom welding training programs and stunning labor services worldwide. We are furnishing ample experience, commitment and unparalleled quality at a competitive price.

The firm offers variety of welding training programs including shielded metal, gas metal and gas tungsten arc welding and qualifications testing programs for the welders. Our programs are perfectly customized for every customer to leave any further training and testing what reduces cost and lead time.

Along with welding training the company offers comprehensive range of labor services including welding jobs worldwide, certification for global applications, engineering and consulting, qualifications testing and inspection.

No matter if you are large multinational or small to medium enterprise who want to reduce cost of running testing labs, testing qualifications and skilled labor turnovers as well as reduce lead time to have fully productive workforce Phenomenal Industries is the ideal partner for many support roles.